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About Me

Hi I'm Marion I've been a working platform medium in Kent since 2006.

I have a diploma in mediumship and I am a qualified spiritial healer, and I've just passed a diploma in parapsychology, I've also just passed my USUI RYOHO Reiki healing and USUI RYOHO animal Reiki.

I started off doing mediumship work in local churches in the Kent area where I was performing church services and evenings of clairvoyance. In around 2010 I was running my own development circles.

By 2012 I expanded my area by working in East Sussex at churches and evenings of clairvoyance, I've also worked in Austria and France.

You can also listen to my interviews on the BIG SEANCE podcast with Patrick Keller. podcast#37 - podcast#121 www.bigseancepodcast.com

Event History

The last event at Singleton Village hall, Ashford, we had a excellent turnout and some excellent messages.

Dymchurch Village hall was a full house, excellent turnout and yet again excellent messages

We were at Wye village hall last week, and had a good turn up, and lot's of good messages

We are in Benenden on the 30th August, so come along for a excellent night.

Marion got the chance to try out her parapsychology by sending a disruptive spirt back into the light.

The house owners are now able to live a peaceful life.


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